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Self-Storage Units In Charlottesville, VA

Do I need insurance on my stored belongings?

We recommend it. U-Stor-It does not insure your belongings nor is it responsible for any damage to your goods while being stored. However, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy may cover them. Check with your insurance company or agent.

If your belongings are uninsured, we can provide information about a leading self-storage insurance company or you can contact them directly at (800) 544-6464 or online at www.tenantone.com.

Do you have packing supplies available for purchase?

Yes. U-Stor-It has most packing supplies you will need including packing boxes in various sizes, tape and tape guns, bubble wrap, various locks and paper for wrapping dishes and fragile materials.

Do you lease by the day, week, or month?

U-Stor-It leases by the month.

Can you bill my credit/debit card monthly?

Yes. You will need to sign an authorization form for automatic monthly billing.

Are your leases pro-rated to begin on the first day of the following month?

No. Leases begin on the day that you sign up and automatically renew on the same day each month until you vacate your storage unit.

Do you require a security deposit or charge an administration fee?

No. U-Stor-It just requires the first month’s rent when you sign up. The only additional expense is the cost of a padlock for your storage unit door. You can either provide your own padlock or you can purchase one from U-Stor-It.

Is there a minimum rental requirement?

Yes. The minimum rental period is one month.

What type of security do you provide?

A resident manager lives on the grounds. The property is well lit with motion-activated video surveillance 24 hours a day. Access is computer controlled and the site has perimeter fencing.

Are your storage units accessible from outside, or are they located within a building?

All units are accessible from the outside. They are similar to individual garages, and you can drive to your unit and load and unload directly from your vehicle.

What are your storage units/ buildings constructed of?

All our buildings are cinder-block structures with cement slab flooring and sloped, wood-framed roofs. Individual storage units are separated by wood framing and corrugated metal sheeting.

Do you have tractor-trailer access?

Yes. Most units are accessible to moving vans and rental trucks of varying sizes.

Do you offer boat, automobile, and motorcycle storage or parking?

Yes. Many of our units can accommodate automobiles and boats. We also offer parking spaces on a monthly basis.

When can I get to my storage unit?

You can access your unit from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., seven days a week.

What if I need 24-hour access?

Our front units are always accessible. Check the Pricing page for more information.

Do you invoice?

We are happy to invoice you by email, but we do not mail invoices.

Do I need to supply my own lock?

Yes. You may either provide your own padlock (as long as it fits the latch on the unit door), or buy a padlock at the U-Stor-It office.